Treating borehole water for a free range egg farm

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A recent case study on the water treatment solution we provided for a free range egg producer


A free range egg producer approached J&F to examine the possibility of using water from an existing borehole for use as drinking water for their laying birds.

A recent water analysis showed:

– Elevated turbidity

– High concentration of organic compounds (water sample was clear)

– High TVCs

– High sodium levels

The above levels of contamination were unacceptable to the welfare of the birds and would also depress egg production.

Treating borehole water for a free range egg farm


The requirement was to treat 17 m3 per day, the following equipment was specified and supplied by J&F:

1 x Chlorine dosing station for the disinfection to reduce the high TVCs

1 x Backwashing turbidity unit using Filter Ag+ filter media and WS1 control valve

1 x Carbon backwashing unit using Aquasorb CS activated coconut based carbon for de-chlorination and WS1 control valve

1 x 24 m3 per day Reverse Osmosis unit with automatic anti-scalent dosing

1 x 2 m3 per hour UV disinfection unit with 5 micron pre-filter

The above was installed with final commissioning taking only one day – the backwashing turbidity and carbon units linked to the RO unit using Clack microswitch assemblies.

A ROSA (Reverse Osmosis System Analysis) had been produced during specification – the final water quality matched this giving low sodium, bicarbonates and TDS – finally the pH was also reduced benefitting the birds.


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Treating borehole water for a free range egg farm

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