Crystal clear water for a commercial ice producer

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Reverse Osmosis for Commercial Ice Producer

A commercial ice manufacturer specialising in supplying to the hospitality industry needed to upgrade an existing, old and unreliable Reverse Osmosis system.

Their requirement was for “crystal clear” water of a very consistent quality.

The brief was for 1-2 m3/hr, J&F supplied the following equipment:

1 x Duplex softener using Clack WS1 Valves (mains water supply at approximately 350 ppm total hardness)

1 x Carbon backwashing unit using Aquasorb CS activated coconut based carbon for de-chlorination & Clack WS1 control valve

1 x MO-1 Reverse Osmosis system

1 x Post-RO carbon “polishing unit”

1 x 1.4 m3 per hour Luminor UV disinfection unit with 5 micron pre-filter

Crystal clear water for a commercial ice producer

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