Treating borehole water at an artisan distillery

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An artisan distillery had high levels of nitrates, sulphates and chlorides which needed removing to produce a consistent water quality

An Artisan Distillery, predominantly producing gin, approached J&F to enquire what water treatment processes may be required in order to use borehole water in their production process.

J&F together with a recommended installer worked closely with the master distiller to provide a solution that would remove high nitrates, sulphates and chlorides and give water of consistent quality.

The water analysis also showed a very small quantity of coliforms whilst visually there was also a slight colour issue.

J&F specified and supplied the following equipment:

1 x 5 micron sediment filter and filter housing

1 x Luminor Blackcomb 5 Ultra Violet disinfection system

1x duplex softener using Clack WS1 control valves

1 x carbon backwashing unit with Clack WS1 control valve for colour removal

1 x MO6000, 6 m3 per day RO unit

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Treating borehole water at an artisan distillery

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