Improving the water quality of a large carwash chain

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Using mineral free water for cleaning purposes results in a streak free finish which ensures professional results and a much faster process

J&F Water Treatment supplied a Reverse Osmosis unit to a major national car wash chain. The supply was instigated and installed by a large water treatment company in the South East of England.

The purpose of using reverse osmosis is to improve the quality of water used and to provide mineral-free water to the final rinse process. Using water of this quality results in all surfaces drying spot-free.

The requirement was to treat approximately 1.5 m3 per hour, the following equipment was specified and supplied by J&F:


– 1 x duplex softener using WS1 CI Clack Valves

– 1 x carbon backwashing unit using Aquasorb CS activated coconut based carbon for de-chlorination & WS1 control valve

– 1 x 36 m3 per day Reverse Osmosis unit


The compact design of the equipment was especially beneficial to the car wash due to space constraints. A review of other sites is now in progress with a view to extending installations through-out the South East of England.

Improving the water quality of a large carwash chain

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